Moving Forward

Today I got the stairwell and entryway painted. I cut them in yesterday and rolled them today. I know, it doesn't seem like much. But it is forward motion and I could give you a long list of other things I also had to do over the last few days :)

Anyway, the sunshine yellow has been banished from those walls and it has been replaced with a much mellower pale green. I know it is pale green because the can says Frosted Kiwi. And the color swatch is green. Chance insists that due to it's utter lack of color it must be white, but everyone knows a kiwi is green. It's just very frosted, as in completely covered with snow.

Being a color person, it isn't my favorite. But there is something very satisfying about freshly painted walls. You really feel like you are accomplishing something when you see each pass of the roller cover the old with the NEW. And when it is done it all looks so fresh and clean.

I'd paint a lot more often if I didn't hate it so much. There are some things that I forget are really unpleasant. But, much like labor, I never forget that I really don't like to paint. But at the end of labor you have an amazing little baby, and fresh walls just don't compare. In a day or two the walls will have grimy little handprints and scuffs where someone tossed their shoes. So, I guess if I can paint this whole house I can totally go through labor again!


Allison said...

Hey Michele. Chris hates painting to, but I love it. I find it very soothing and satifying (except the fumes). I am looking forward to seeing your family again. Any idea when you will be joining Mike? Will you be here before the baby arrives? I can't wait to meet your new little one. I won't have the computer until we resolve some issues with the phone lines, but I'll check back when I'm on line again.

DanielleW said...

Frosted Kiwi? Sounds yummy. LOL

I would LOOOOOVE to paint the kitchen. I've been wanting to paint it for years. One of these days I'm just going to break down and paint it and see what my dad says. LOL