Into The Wild

As we have been working on the interior of the house, the exterior has been sadly neglected. The most obvious result of that neglect is our "lawn". At first I didn't want it mowed because it was full of the most beautiful wildflowers. But now the flowers have all gone to seed, and even if they hadn't they wouldn't be visible over the "grass". I'm sure the chiggers are very happy with the way we have let our yard go, but the children are swallowed by the jungle every time they step out the door, and the man eating bugs are thriving.

So, Chance has begun the task of mowing down our 3 1/2 acres of greenery. I thought you would appreciate a few photos, just in case you thought I was exaggerating :)
First is Eli, raking what Chance mowed yesterday. Notice the attire. Cowboy hat, boots, shorts, and his "cowboy" shirt which has been worn, slept in, and worn again. Oh, and he's wearing it again today. I did order 2 new "cowboy" shirts today, so I am hoping to wash this one soon.
Here is Chance on the mower, entering the abyss. See Eli hiding behind him?

And finally we have the kids acting as chigger bait so that I could go out and snap some pictures.

That's it for now :) Have a great night!


DanielleW said...

That reminds me. I need to mow. Bleck. LOL

ROFL about all this chiggar talk. I was just telling a friend that she might have chiggar bites and she burst out laughing at me. She had never, ever heard of such a thing.

Nicole Hearn said...

I know the feeling! They mow approximately 40 acres per day here just to keep the "grass" (which is everywhere) relatively mowed, but still the chiggers are ferocious. Awhile back I got 17 throughout the course of one work day.

Anonymous said...

Is Ezra in that last picture? The grass could be over his head.

Love Y'all