Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

Audreyanna is 1! How the time it do fly.  She's walking everywhere, loves to be outside, thinks she's big stuff chasing the other kids around; gives big, open mouth kisses when SHE decides to, not when you ask; and is a cuddly sweet momma's girl :-)  As I look at her sweet face and listen to her contented nursing noises I think of how soon these days will be over.  In the thick of it, it seems they will never end.  But I know that one day soon I will miss the sleepy milk smile, the excited noises she makes when she wants to nurse, the way she skooches up against me to sleep at night and the fact the I see her sweet face every hour or two all night long.  I will miss the way she toddles around the house, gets stuck behind the couch, dances to the sound of the vacuum cleaner, blender, and food processor, and wants to live on my hip.  

Happy Birthday Audreyanna!!

And the post wouldn't be complete without a bit of video :-)


Oh, and that funky block around "Happy Birthday Audreyanna"?  The harder I tried to get rid of it, the worse it got.  I really need a techy!