Happy Birthday Eli!!

Eli has completed his 8th rotation around the sun. Even after 8 rotations, he isn't tired of it :-)

We woke up to freezing temps and snow, and decided it was a bad day for me to take him to the Cat Preserve. So, we did the traditional breakfast at Mimi's and then he and I took off.

We ended up shopping for shoes (because the dog ate his), and then we headed to a movie. I gave him a choice between miniature golf and seeing a movie and he chose the movie. Cuz movies are a Very Rare Treat. How To Tame Your Dragon was playing and I had read reviews that left me feeling like I wouldn't be kicking myself for the next 3 months if I took the boy to see it.

The movie had some good points and I actually didn't hate it. There were a few things to discuss when it was over, but it was really a lot of fun.

Earlier in the morning, his friend Everett had given him a knife with a 3in blade. Everett bought it with his own money and presented it to Eli at church. Eli is beyond thrilled with the knife (yes, this is relevant!), and after the movie we stopped in this little candy shop where Eli picked out Spree in a little plastic bottle. We were going to sit at a table outside, and before I even had my chair pulled out I see Eli wiping blood on his pants and trying to look nonchalant.

He had whipped out his knife to open the bottle and sliced into his finger. You should have seen the eyes on that guy behind the counter in the candy store. Eli had just been telling him that he was turning 8 today, and now I'm back in asking for napkins because he cut himself with his knife. "His knife!," he sputters, all bug-eyed. It made me wonder what he would have said if I told him about buying bullets for a friends son on his 8th birthday. Or was he 7?

3 minutes later the guy is at our table with a big first-aid kit to bandage Eli's finger, while customers wait in the store. He was very concerned. I know he wanted to report me to the Hover Parent Police.

Home to a delicious dinner of burgers grilled on our new bar-b-que, and root beer floats for dessert.

Happy Birthday Eli! We love you so.

This Is Why We Can't Find A Church :-)

"Sunday's Coming" Movie Trailer from North Point Media on Vimeo.



Did you realize the extent of the flooding? Do you remember how we couldn't turn on a television or radio without hearing about Katrina? Where is the coverage?


Spring Has Sprung

And around here that apparently means we need lot's of baby animals. There are chicks in the basement, puppies everywhere, and Knightly. Sierra's new kitty. He's supposed to be an outside cat but he's so stinkin small he hasn't made it out there yet. And Bingley is uninterested at best. Sierra sleeps with him at night, I'm afraid that moving to the yard is going to be a rude awakening for this little boy.

But Eli is swollen and snotty, and going through an entire roll of toilet paper in one day just blowing his nose. So Knightley's days are indeed numbered. Perhaps some sweet momma cat will come and take him under he wing...

Archery Practice

Yesterday was the first archery lesson for the upper four. Everyone really enjoyed it, and most everyone hit the bulls-eye at least once.

The younger three had to content themselves with watching the fun and playing in the grass. Some of these were more content doing this than others.

Nothing made Annaleise happy until I put her in the Ergo and she fell asleep on my back.

Ty was initially happy playing in the grass and "fighting" with Ezra. But before long I was we were all paying the price of missing nap-time.

Ezra had a great time watching and looking forward to when he will be old enough to shoot arrows.

I'm so glad it's finally getting warm enough to be outside more. 6 weeks from now I'll probably be begging for mercy from the heat, this will be our first summer off the mountain with no a/c. But for now, I'm really thankful for the sunshine!