Big Boy

Titus is getting so big! Lawsey Mercy we love that boy, we all just eat him up every day. He is growing so fast and there is so much I want to remember. He has a fascination with Ezra, every time Ezra talks Ty just stares at him. And if Ezra is anywhere in range, Titus dive bombs his hair. He loves Ezra's hair. It makes Ezra feel pretty special.

Titus discriminately bestows big, wet, baby kisses and everyone graced with one feels very slimy, grossed out, blessed! He doesn't give them to just anybody, and often they are accompanied by a hug and an aaahhh. SO SWEET.

He scoots/rolls all over the floor and is just starting to get up on his hands and knees. Magazines are a sure target and he will clamber over just about anything to get to them. He is very interested in food and lunges for anything you have, but since the egg yolk fiasco I think we'll wait a while longer. Hmmm, I didn't mention that he seems to be allergic to eggs did I?

Titus loves me to lay my hand on his chest and let him hold onto my finger. Often when he is screaming this will calm him right down. He searches for my hand in the middle of the night too.

Can you see his tooth in the picture above? He has 2 of them now, the second bottom one broke though a few days ago. Because Eli used to think it was hilarious to try to make mamma bleed every time he nursed, I found myself getting really tense when nursing Titus after that first tooth broke through. He has never bitten me though. He'll bite your finger as quick as he can get it in his mouth, he drawn blood on several of us more than once. But he never bites when he kisses and he has never bitten me when nursing. He seems to sense that he shouldn't bite the ummm "hand" that feeds him. Maybe he won't be the daredevil Eli is. Maybe my hair will start to grow back.

He is my most demanding baby, by far. It helps a lot that there is always someone to hold or entertain him. Hmmm, you don't think that has anything to do with it do you??? I'm sure we aren't spoiling him....

I finally broke down and purchased my blessed Ergo and it is all I hoped for. I think I could carry him all day now. He is still adjusting to being on my back, he likes to see my face and sometimes gets frustrated on my back, but each time he likes it a little more. And I can finally work in the kitchen while carrying him. And it doesn't hurt my shoulders and back. I'm a firm believer in the value of baby wearing and I LOVE it.

Nearly every time I pick him up he grabs my neck and gives me a big hug, melts my heart. And when he gives kisses, he doesn't just kiss. He likes to grab both sides of your face in his fists and really plant one :)

He is loud. I mean LOUD. Nothing he does is quiet. He snores. I mean snores so that people are looking around trying to find the source of that sound. He talks at the top of his voice, all the time. Every cry since his very first one has been at the top of his lungs. He just wails :)

There is nothing Ty likes more than being outside. As soon as you open the door and walk out with him, he does a deep inhale and sighs. Just relaxes. He's like his dad that way. He'll spend hours outside with the other kids talking to the trees and watching them jump on the trampoline. I had to get him some little shoes so he would stop scuffing his toes on the driveway and getting stickers in his socks.

He weighs 19.4 pounds and his little legs are all bent up in his carseat. But he still has another 6 months to face backward. And he growls while he eats. A lot. It sends Hailey into hysterics. But it seems that most times he nurses real hard for a few minutes and then he just growls and growls at it. It really is funny :)

Those are tiny little Levi's he has on. They are the cutest thing, I love resale stores!!