Words to Live By

As a parent there are things you know you have to teach, "chew with your mouth closed," or "look both ways before you cross the street." Then there are the things it doesn't occur to you to say. Things that leave you shaking your head in wonder. Like, "After you watch daddy burn trash in the metal can, don't put your face on it as soon as he walks away! If you do, it will leave a peeling, wrinkled, burn on your cheek." Or even this, "Don't use your face to check if something is hot." I'm just saying...


Happy Birthday Eli

I am a bit delinquent in sharing the celebration which culminated Eli's 6th rotation around the sun. We had a family party, with extended family, something that was sorely missed when we were in TX. Not everyone was able to come, but a lot of our family was able to join us.

We started the day with daddy and I taking the birthday boy out for a solo breakfast. And ELI DIDN'T NEED A CARSEAT!

We went to The Apple Shed, a local restaurant in the town of all things apple.

On their birthday the kids get to order off the "grown up menu", which was convenient because The Apple Shed doesn't have a kids menu :) Eli wanted the Belgium Waffle, and he wanted bacon and an egg with it. I said, "Wow Eli, that's a lot of food. Are you sure you can eat all that?" "Yes, I eat a lot!" "Since when?" "Since I turned 6!" And he ate it all, along with a piece of daddys toast!

We got to have some nice conversations about what God is doing in his life and where he sees his life going. He said the best thing that happened to him when he was 5 was...tag.

When they learned it was his birthday, they brought Eli a chocolate chip cookie and sang to him. Then, as he skipped his little 6 year-old self out of the restaurant the patrons said "Happy Birthday!" "Happy Birthday!" he yelled back, waving. Then on the steps "I forgot what to say" :)

In the car he is admiring his cookie, talking about how big it is. He decides he will cut it into 5 pieces and give all of the children a piece. Then he decided it might be better if he cuts it in half, and the other children share half while he eats the other half. Then he recalls that there are cookies in the pantry and maybe he might just as well eat the whole thing. But later, because he is much too full.... A few minutes later, from the back seat..."MMMM, this is a good cookie!" With a big grin on his chocolate covered face.

Later, daddy took him to a farm not too far away where they did a straw maze and picked some fruit. But daddy couldn't get the camera to cooperate, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Hailey decided that her gift to him would be to make the cake. She dug through the cookbooks and planned the cake for weeks. She made a shopping list and bugged me ceaselessly to shop. I'm sure I could have purchased a cake for far less money than the mountains of candy this one required. But it wouldn't have been nearly as special. It turned out wonderfully and everyone loved it. She did an excellent job for her first cake, heck it would have been a great job for her 100th cake! And 15 seconds after the cake was served we all had raging sugar headaches.

Having horses saved us from Pin the Tail on the Donkey and goodie bags. All the kids got a ride.

Daddy gave the traditional birthday blessing (always my favorite part)

And then I crawled into my sick bed with the worst whatever-it-was that I have had in a really long time.


On My Knees

I have just spent the last hour or so reading this blog. And bawling. It tells the story of a woman named Angie, who learns that her baby girl will not survive after she is born, and how she is walking through that grief clinging tightly, moment by moment, to her God. It is raw, and heartbreaking, and such a testimony to the awesome God we serve. Her love and faith permeate every word she writes.

Angie happens to be the wife of Todd, who sings in Selah, a group I love. And while in the midst of the valley they are walking through, Angie's sister-in-law, Nicol (who is also in the group) and her husband lost their baby boy to sids. Please join me in prayer for this family and read the blog, it will inspire and humble you. Then go hug your kids.