Things I've been doing lately!!

Made two cards for a friend’s birthday, and now can’t decide which one to use :)

Also bought really cute File Folders! Which I love!

Well that's all for now!




Just thought I'd post a video I just finished....hope you enjoy!


The Farm

                                           Stonewall. He's the representative for the three dogs in our family :)
                                           That's Victory in the back and Miracle in the front. They originally  had a sister but she's been sold.
                                         I just had to do this one.
                    That's Chai on the top and her sister Frappucciono on the bottom, and yes she is eating her mothers beard :)
                                           Lily, she wasn't really in the mood for pictures.
                                        The representative of our thirty something chickens. 
                                           The Rooster
       And the representative of our three cats, Wickham                                                                                                                                                 ~Sierra~

Hailey's New Haircut!


                                  Hailey                                                                  ~Sierra~                             


                                                       Ezra   His smile is usually bigger!!!
                                            Sierra It was really windy on that side of the house!
                                           Audryanna  There happened to be a wet dog near by..it seemed to amuse her. :)
                                                   Titus   Love this look almost as much as black and white!
                                            Elias                                                                                                                                                       That's all for today...I'll get the rest of the pictures tomorrow. :) Okay It won't put a label up...so it's labeless today.




                  I have been taking my younger siblings outside a lot lately to practice my photography skills, they love the attention and I enjoy getting to use my camera. Here are a few of my latest pics.

                                       Dressing up and going out to the barn for a photo shoot                                                                     made them so happy they danced :)
                                         I love black and white pics.

                                                Oh my goodness she is so CUTE.
                                            Ezra was having a little trouble with his backpack so                                                                               Ethan stopped to help him. Luckily I had my camera with                                                                       me and I snapped this adorable pic.                                                                                                                                                                  ~Sierra~                                       


Slice of Life

Overheard in the playroom yesterday:

Annaleise:  Singing.  Loudly
Ty:  Nonna, I can't work with singing!
Annaleise: ----Still singing
Ty: No more singing!
Annaleise:  Ty, I sing AWESOME! (Read it with a lot of attitude)
Ty:  No, Nonna, I don't like your singing!
Annaleise:  Yes Ty, I sing awesome!
Ty: Nonna, I'm leaving. I don't like listening to not awesome singing!
Annaleise:  ---- Resumes singing.  VERY LOUDLY



Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

Audreyanna is 1! How the time it do fly.  She's walking everywhere, loves to be outside, thinks she's big stuff chasing the other kids around; gives big, open mouth kisses when SHE decides to, not when you ask; and is a cuddly sweet momma's girl :-)  As I look at her sweet face and listen to her contented nursing noises I think of how soon these days will be over.  In the thick of it, it seems they will never end.  But I know that one day soon I will miss the sleepy milk smile, the excited noises she makes when she wants to nurse, the way she skooches up against me to sleep at night and the fact the I see her sweet face every hour or two all night long.  I will miss the way she toddles around the house, gets stuck behind the couch, dances to the sound of the vacuum cleaner, blender, and food processor, and wants to live on my hip.  

Happy Birthday Audreyanna!!

And the post wouldn't be complete without a bit of video :-)


Oh, and that funky block around "Happy Birthday Audreyanna"?  The harder I tried to get rid of it, the worse it got.  I really need a techy!



Today I am thankful for:

11.  A full pantry.
12.  Glenn Beck (yep, I said it.  Out Loud.)
13.  Freedom to Worship
14.  Homeschooling
15.  Employment
16.  A fun new haircut
17.  Books
18.  That He is Mine and I am His
19.  Sweet baby Kisses
20.  Holding hands with my teens when we walk


Family Time

We enjoyed a trip to Arizona for New Years.  We don't get together nearly often enough!  

Look at the cousins - I wish they got to spend more time together. I know, no one is looking at me.  But this was a HARD picture to get.  We waited until the end of the evening for pictures and none of the babies wanted to cooperate AT ALL.  I'm just glad to have one of the three babies together.

Look at her eyes!


Sierra's 13th - Part 2

Another part of our 13th birthday tradition is a 2 night trip away - with the girls I get to go :-)

We spend time talking, eating, and just being together.  It is a great time of bonding and reflection.  Sierra and I went to Sequoia National Park.  Sadly, she got really sick right after we got there.  She rallied herself for a bit of hiking, but was definitely under the weather.  I think she still had a great time though, and I will treasure the time spent just the 2 of us (and Audreyanna :-))