4th of July Fun

We went to a 4th of July celebration in our little town that was basically a collection of booths with things to buy that left us wondering why we were back. (We did this last year :)) They do have a cool Civil War canon (Civil War??) and some fun things to look at though. Snow cones all around helped beat the heat and we headed out when all the kids started looking like this...

This was the object of their fascination

And for the next 20 minutes or so everyone looked like this

Well, except for her

After some lunch we headed over to the park for some monkey time

Except for her. And her. A sunburn on the back of her legs sidelined the big one and the little one was too busy being irresistable :)Home for naps and we finished the day by making s'mores and watching the fireworks from our front yard. A really nice day, hope yours was too!