Air, I Have Air!

The baby dropped on Wednesday. I was sitting in the movie theater and suddenly I could fill my lungs with air! No gasping, no feeling like I just couldn't quite breathe. And instantly the incessant heartburn disappeared. It was miraculous. Then, 10 minutes later, she came up again. Goodbye oxygen, hello heartburn.

But Friday morning when I woke up she had moved down again. And so far she's staying there. When I went to the chiropractor Friday a.m. he said my pelvic area felt much different and that the baby was a lot lower and my pelvis a lot more open. She's been sunny side up to and I am hopeful that is changing as well. I felt what seemed like a spin on Thursday, and I seem to be feeling less movement right in the front. So maybe she's looking at my spine instead of my navel. That would be good. I see the midwife on Friday and she should be able to tell.

Another month or so and my sleepless nights will have some company :)


Nature Journaling

Nature study is an area that is sadly lacking in our homeschool. Our good intentions just don't seem to pan out that often. It must go back to my aversion to projects :) But I do consider it an important part of a well-rounded, liberal education and I want my children to love nature and enjoy chronicling what they see. God is manifest all around us!

So, the other day as I was sick in bed I recalled the flowers that were blooming on the hill down the road. In a nature study cheat I sent the kids down the road to look at the flowers and take some pictures we could use to try to identify them and draw from. Not exactly the nature walk CM recommends, but certainly better than nothing.

They loved their little field trip and today we attempted to identify the flowers and recreate them in our nature journals. It was a good time and the results aren't half-bad. Ezra elected to do only one picture, he wanted someone else to draw the second one. He didn't quite grasp the concept :)

I think what I enjoy the most is how all the pictures are so different, yet they all represent what we were trying to re-create. We are experimenting with different mediums and don't always know what we are going to get!

I think the blue flowers are Baby Blue-Eyes, but I couldn't find anything on e-nature that looked like the yellow ones. Any ideas??

This is what we were trying to draw:

And these are our efforts:





Thanks for looking!


A Visit With the Grandbaby

We got to visit with the Kirstyn & Zac and see the beautiful grandbaby yesterday. She's growing so fast! She is scooting and squealing now. She does this high-pitched, excited squeal that she clearly inherited from our side of the family. It has entertained generations of us now :)


Happy Spring

I miss Texas :)


He Is Risen!

We had a very nice Resurrection Sunday, full of family, good conversation, and too much food. I didn't know how mobile I would be able to be so I kept the menu pretty simple, but quantity was another story. I think we'll be eating roast for a week :)

Redneck Easter Baskets

Grandma brought plastic eggs to hide, 165 of them!

It took Ty a little while to get the hang of it, but now he's hunting with the big kids! This is just before he hung himself on the ropes.

Looking for the $10 egg
Counting up eggs. We're still looking for the last 5.

Boy Stuff

Eli came running in the house yesterday holding a string tied to a stick. "Look! I made a toy for Janey Cat!" Sure enough, it was a cat toy. Of sorts. It seems Chloe was getting a lizard and Eli wrestled it away before she was able to kill it. He tied it to a string and tied the string to a stick. The lizard soon died but Janey still enjoyed chasing it as Eli drug it across the patio.

Unfortunately, when Eli came in for lunch Janey ate the lizard and that was the end of the cat toy.


See How My Grandbaby Grows

A few weeks ago we girls were able to go down and visit with Kirstyn, Zac, and baby Cadence. It was a FREEZING cold, windy day but we decided to do some miniature golfing after lunch.

Great Grandma Suzanne was able to join us and we had a very nice, if very cold, day.

The cars were the highlight for the girls. They thought it was pretty cool getting to drive them themselves.

It was hard to get a good shot of Cadence because, as I mentioned, it was really cold. I didn't want to unbundle her. You can still tell she's beautiful though :)
We were not very talented golfers. By then end some of us were just throwing the balls. And I think we skipped the last few holes altogether. Did I mention it was cold??

All in all, a very nice day together.