It's Done!

The much anticipated bookcase is finally completed. Mike did his part a long time ago, the actual building of said bookcase. It was a definite learning experience and he did a great job. But the artsy sides happened in late-pregnancy time. Which is to say, ridiculously slowly.

For the painting of the bookcase he indulged my desire for bright colors and whimsical design. In fact, if I hadn't been there to run interference it would have been even brighter. I know, right!

My favorite side is definitely the green diamonds with the hearts. Those are the kids hand-prints inside the diamonds. Love it!

I wasn't sure what to do on the other side, but I finally decided on stars. There are maybe a few more stars than necessary and the choice of stars might be a bit more whimsical than I was going for... The painting was a learning experience as well, it's no secret that I'm no artist. One word of warning, paint does NOT cover marker. So, if you outline, say, stars for example, in marker, specifically washable marker, it will bleed through and mix with your paint. Ask me how I know. But all in all, Love IT!