This is Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn speaking in Lebanon. Bill has an interesting idea, why not let every country with a U.S. military base vote for the U.S. President? Wow, what a great idea!

These people truly hate the very foundations of our country. Remember, Bill is a professor at the University of Illinois and has written textbooks currently in use at over 1500 public schools. He claims to have penned the Obama biography Dreams From My Father, and has a long-standing relationship with Obama. They are coming out of the shadows because after years of indoctrinating our youth the finally have a large support base and one of their own in the White House.

These people are crazy, but they aren't harmless.



Hailey and Eli had to walk their dogs today, and Sierra decided to go along. They took my phone with them to keep track of the time and in case I needed to get a hold of them - or vice versa. It seemed they were gone a long time, but I was busy and didn't call. I hadn't told them when to be back...

Finally, the three of them tromped in. COVERED in mud. I mean faces, hair, arms, legs, ALL of their clothing. Covered. In. Mud.

Turns out Mara got away from Hailey, and in an effort to keep their guardian angels from getting bored, the kids decided to give chase. Now, to fully appreciate this story you should know that at the end of our road (the part that is paved), there is a metal guard rail and a beautiful view. Which is to say that it drops off into a steep valley rumored to hold all manner of wildlife.

Back to the kids... They come tromping in talking over each other about how Mara got away and she wouldn't come back, and they went after her, and Eli was stuck, and they fell, and, and, and... Then Sierra starts bawling. Just sobbing about how scary it was. I guess they were on a ledge and it gave way and they all tumbled into the valley. Eli ended up stuck in mud up to his waist, screaming that his bones were breaking. They couldn't pull him out for quite a while, and were slipping further down and getting themselves stuck in the process. Sierra had my phone in her jacket pocket, which was tied around her waist and fell off as she started to fall. So it was at the top of the ravine. The finally extricate him and begin attempting to climb out. Which I gather was also quite a process as they kept slipping back down.

But they are home, and safe, and showered, and warm. Their clothes may never recover though. And they have strict instructions NEVER to chase that stupid dog.