Summer Time Recap

Ah, so summer has come and gone and it doesn't seem I have shared any of it here. The kids had campouts on the trampoline

The upper 4 competed in the Bible Bee, with the girls tying for third in our local competition We celebrated the birthdays of Ezra and Titus by renting the Tehachapi pool for a joint party.

I spent a lovely birthday with Ezra, breakfasting together, seeing a movie and playing in the river. In which I utterly forgot the presence of my camera.
Ty and I spent an equally lovely day doing many of the same things, minus the movie.

We watched Foyles War and the European Faith and Freedom Tour.

We finally finished our school year, swam as much as we could, spent time with friends and family, looked for a church, and got Ty potty trained.

We were blessed with another child in the womb.

There, I think you're all caught up. See, it's like I was never gone at all.