He Cracks Me Up

Chance spends time every evening talking with the children and praying with them now that Mike is gone.

The other night he was talking to the boys about the need to "take care of ladies". He often shares about the importance of this and then gives various scenarios.

Here is a little excerpt:

C: Do we always take care of ladies?
Boys: Yes!
C: Even if we are afraid, do we still take care of ladies?
Boys: Yes!!
Eli: ...I'm afraid of some ladies, but I still take care of them.


Where Have I Been

I guess it's been quite a while since I have posted anything of any substance, or written anything at all for that matter. My brain has not quite recovered from the pregnancy mush, and frankly we are just in baby nirvana over here! Downtime isn't spent writing, it's spent playing with the baby, talking about the baby, or watching the baby sleep while sighing about how adorable he is. We all love having a baby in the house. It is such a gift and we are just savoring every second of it. And it is such a joy to see my older children so in love with him, so thrilled to have a new sibling.

Although Eli has reminded me a few times that Titus will get spankings when he is older :)

And Ezra has started sucking his thumb :0 So, more time is spent on snuggling with the littles too.

And then there is the matter of the house... And people still want to eat. 3 TIMES A DAY!! And my other half is missing.

All that to say, we're busy :) And while I have much I am thinking about, and frequently intend to blog about, I just never seem to have the time to put it into a coherent and interesting format :)

But I'll try harder. Really. I will. Tomorrow :)