Things I've been doing lately!!

Made two cards for a friend’s birthday, and now can’t decide which one to use :)

Also bought really cute File Folders! Which I love!

Well that's all for now!




Just thought I'd post a video I just finished....hope you enjoy!


The Farm

                                           Stonewall. He's the representative for the three dogs in our family :)
                                           That's Victory in the back and Miracle in the front. They originally  had a sister but she's been sold.
                                         I just had to do this one.
                    That's Chai on the top and her sister Frappucciono on the bottom, and yes she is eating her mothers beard :)
                                           Lily, she wasn't really in the mood for pictures.
                                        The representative of our thirty something chickens. 
                                           The Rooster
       And the representative of our three cats, Wickham                                                                                                                                                 ~Sierra~

Hailey's New Haircut!


                                  Hailey                                                                  ~Sierra~                             


                                                       Ezra   His smile is usually bigger!!!
                                            Sierra It was really windy on that side of the house!
                                           Audryanna  There happened to be a wet dog near by..it seemed to amuse her. :)
                                                   Titus   Love this look almost as much as black and white!
                                            Elias                                                                                                                                                       That's all for today...I'll get the rest of the pictures tomorrow. :) Okay It won't put a label up...so it's labeless today.




                  I have been taking my younger siblings outside a lot lately to practice my photography skills, they love the attention and I enjoy getting to use my camera. Here are a few of my latest pics.

                                       Dressing up and going out to the barn for a photo shoot                                                                     made them so happy they danced :)
                                         I love black and white pics.

                                                Oh my goodness she is so CUTE.
                                            Ezra was having a little trouble with his backpack so                                                                               Ethan stopped to help him. Luckily I had my camera with                                                                       me and I snapped this adorable pic.                                                                                                                                                                  ~Sierra~