Lovely Vacation, Pt 6

After learning how Jelly Belly's were made we headed over to Six Flags Marine World. It is billed as sort of a combo Sea World/Magic Mountain. Big roller coasters and animal shows.

It wasn't too crowded. It wasn't too hot. It was a good day.

The grass was Titus' favorite thing

And it wasn't long before Kirstyn was sporting sausages for feet. Having had a child or two myself, I did mention that perhaps flip-flops wouldn't give quite enough support...But we rented a wheelchair and her smile was restored. Zac looks a little tired though.

Ty isn't entirely sure how he feels about the flying balloons.There were donkeys for petting

Elephants getting pedicures

And whales doing tricks

Eli and Ezra were too short to ride most of the roller coasters, which really broke Eli's heart. Getting to go on the "pay cars" when no one else did cheered them up a bit though.

All in all, a pretty great cap to the trip. We only lost one child, and not for too long :) Everyone had a great time, although I have to admit I prefer our time spent hanging out at the beach.


Lovely Vacation, Pt 5 - Jelly Belly's!

After leaving the beach and heading back down south we spent a couple of nights in Vallejo. First stop was the Jelly Belly Factory. Very cool guided tour. We were there on a weekday so we actually got to watch the jelly's being made.

George is made entirely of Jelly Belly's

They make other candy here too, but the Jelly's are the star. I thought I had met the guy that invented Jelly Belly's when I lived in Glendora. Everyone in town said he invented them, and there was even an article in People magazine talking about how he came to invent them, and featuring a picture of him laying in a tub full of beans. But if he really invented them, no one in Vallejo seems to have gotten the memo.

Lovely Vacation Pt 4: BIRTHDAYS!

August is a big birthday month for us and we decided that since we would all be together at the beach, we would celebrate the remaining August birthdays. Chance was turning 22, Ezra was turning 5 and Titus was finishing up his first revolution around the sun.

But...we forgot all the presents at home. Except for the bible we got for Chance. It's a bible for studying, the cover is like a 3 ring binder and every other page is lined paper for notes so that all of your notes can stay right there in the bible and you can add pages as you need them. I thought it would be good for Chance because his notes are typically...everywhere. I hope he likes it.

My mom brought some presents and we picked up a cake, so we actually had a pretty nice little celebration. It was a great place for a party :)