Miss You Daddy!

Can you feel the love?

Sierra: "If you've already had your baby, how come you're still fat?"

Me: Smiling patiently... "Well, I actually weigh a tiny bit less than when I got pregnant, but it takes a while for your tummy to get back to size."

Sierra: "Oh...Because you look like you did when you were a little bit pregnant. I hope it doesn't take this long for MY tummy to go down after I have a baby."

I explain all the things that increase your weight when you are pregnant, and then add that most women also add body fat.

Sierra: "Gross! So you might always be fat?!? That would be embarrassing!"

Ummm, thanks.


Works For Me Wednesday

I never post for WFMW cuz I get my ideas there, but don't really feel like I have any cool stuff to add :) But today the theme is name brands, and I apparently, am a name brand kind of gal!

Yep, there are some brands that I will pay more for. Some that I will even go out of my way to find. I can happily eat junky restaurant food even though I'm sure it's full of GMO soy and artificial everything :) Yes. It seems that if someone else makes it, brings it to me, and cleans it up, I can happily ignore pesticides in the foods dna and the rapid hardening of my arteries :)

But what goes in my grocery cart has a whole 'nother standard. (Unless of course I am pregnant, my husband is gone, and I'm an emotional mess. Then all bets are off!)

So, what are the brands that keep me coming back?

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day - Love this stuff! The dish soap actually cuts grease, the dishwasher detergent leaves the dishes smelling so good and doesn't leave a film. I've loved everything I've tried. By far the best if you want to avoid all the nasty stuff in the commercial brands.

OxyClean - This has saved the day many a time. Although sometimes even OxyClean can't lick this Texas mud, nothing else comes close.

Hellmans Mayonnaise - I used to really hate Mayo until I discovered Hellmans, it's the best.

Tazo Tea - Tazoberry to be exact. This isn't something I buy regularly, but when I want a special drink this one hits the spot. I'm always sorry if I become convinced that another beverage holds greater appeal. Tazoberry's the only one that really does it.

Burt's Bees - Love the lip balm, the face soap, the baby products...

Zim's Crack Cream - Absolutely the best thing I've found for those awful dry elbows and heels. The only thing that brings relief and healing to DH painful cracked heels.

Jason's Toothpaste - I've tried a lot of flouride-free brands, and we all prefer Jason's, hands down. I'll make a special trip across town just to buy it. Well, I used to. Now Amazon delivers it to my home :)

Maytag Bleu Cheese - Skip the bleu if you can't find Maytag!

Face Greek Yogurt - Unlike anything else. Soo yummy!

Jello - No, not healthy. At. all. But in my book, everything's better with jello. My husband says I am the queen of jello, he never knew there were so many ways to serve it. But it has to be the original, J-E-L-L-O :)

In-N-Out - The ONLY fast food hamburger! Seriously.

These are some things that work for me! There's more I know, but it's bedtime :)

Ty Courage