Meet Gloria; She's the Hole in Our Head

All Eli wanted for his birthday was a puppy. And even though his birthday is over a month away his daddy is a softie and here she is. So, we're back up to 3 dogs. And 2! of them are puppies. AND, I still don't have my farmcollie!?!?

She's very sweet. They draw you in that way, all puppy smelling and lap sleeping, and pretty soon their eating your shoes and busting through your screen door.

Eli decided instantly that her name was Gloria. He said, "Chloe is my best, then Mara. I thought about Chloia, but naww. Her name is Gloria, I'm sure of it!"

Oh yea, she's 1/2 border collie, 1/4 Bichon Frise, and 1/4 Pug. Yea, I know. But isn't she cute??

Home Health Care

I'm a little late to the party since flu season is virtually over, but illness seems to have come to roost at our house and I decided it was finally time to put that freezer full of herbs to good use and make a bit of medicine. I bought a bag of elderberries in preparation for the upcoming flu season back in August or so, but I was initially a bit intimidated by making tinctures and then I just plain forgot.

But the other night the time was right. I watched a youtube video on making elderberry syrup (expensive at the health food store), and got to work. It was remarkably quick and easy, and a whole lot cheaper. Then I whipped up an elderberry glycerite. An alcohol tincture lasts longer, but I wanted to use glycerine for the kiddos. I used alcohol for the Double E Immune Booster from the Bulk Herb Store.

Tinctures are really pricey at the store and they are sooo easy to do at home. I just wish I had done it sooner. Basically, you fill a mason jar 1/3-1/2 full with herbs of choice, fill the rest of the jar with either vodka or a glycerine/water mix. Label your jar and put it in a cool, dark place for 3-6 weeks. Shake it up once or twice a day. Then strain it and your good to go.

Remember when you are using herbs it is key to start early and frequently. If you start a remedy when your symptoms are just beginning and take it every 20 min for the first hour and then every 2 hours, it usually knocks it out pretty quickly.

Ty went from really sick and miserable to perky with just a little runny nose in about 7 hours yesterday with Trilight's Viramune.

I can't wait until I start growing and harvesting my own herbs!


The table is done!

Mike modified these plans to fit our large family and built the table in a weekend. I painted the skirt and legs a creamy white and stained the top with both a regular stain and a gel stain. But first I beat it up a little. My goal was for the top to look a little old and worn, not too perfect. I didn't want the finish to be too uniform. I LOVE how it came out :) I put 3 coats of poly on the top to seal it, but truth be told it probably needs another coat or two.

Ignore the plastic chairs :) Benches are coming soon that will seat 4 on each side, and I picked up these chairs from a friend for $15 ea that will work great on the ends. All told it will seat 12, easy.

I'm going to try a dark brown milk paint on the chairs and benches. Then I'm going to rub some Danish Oil on them to add some depth. I can't wait to have it all done. It's so cool to have such a handy hubby :)

I think he's earned his man hammer!

PS. I got the man hammer at a really cool blog I can't find right now-hope to add a link later :)

A True Patriot

Joe Morecraft speaking at Carroll County TEA Party from Aubrey Boles on Vimeo.

And They Say We're Dangerous

Technology is just being developed that can tell us some of the dangers in these vaccines they want to give to our children. Even vaccines tested and deemed "safe" could contain dangerous contaminates that we just don't have the ability to identify. Look at all the commercials by lawyers looking to profit from people damaged by prescription medication.

But those of us who opt out of most prescriptions and vaccines are the dangerous and irresponsible ones.

It's worth doing a search for parts 2-6 of this video.