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I'm a little late to the party since flu season is virtually over, but illness seems to have come to roost at our house and I decided it was finally time to put that freezer full of herbs to good use and make a bit of medicine. I bought a bag of elderberries in preparation for the upcoming flu season back in August or so, but I was initially a bit intimidated by making tinctures and then I just plain forgot.

But the other night the time was right. I watched a youtube video on making elderberry syrup (expensive at the health food store), and got to work. It was remarkably quick and easy, and a whole lot cheaper. Then I whipped up an elderberry glycerite. An alcohol tincture lasts longer, but I wanted to use glycerine for the kiddos. I used alcohol for the Double E Immune Booster from the Bulk Herb Store.

Tinctures are really pricey at the store and they are sooo easy to do at home. I just wish I had done it sooner. Basically, you fill a mason jar 1/3-1/2 full with herbs of choice, fill the rest of the jar with either vodka or a glycerine/water mix. Label your jar and put it in a cool, dark place for 3-6 weeks. Shake it up once or twice a day. Then strain it and your good to go.

Remember when you are using herbs it is key to start early and frequently. If you start a remedy when your symptoms are just beginning and take it every 20 min for the first hour and then every 2 hours, it usually knocks it out pretty quickly.

Ty went from really sick and miserable to perky with just a little runny nose in about 7 hours yesterday with Trilight's Viramune.

I can't wait until I start growing and harvesting my own herbs!

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Anonymous said...

i have been wanting to get the herbs to make some tinctures for so long but also have been alittle intimidated by it i have had double E immune booster in my shopping cart forever now but your post def makes me want to get on it! --cyndi