The table is done!

Mike modified these plans to fit our large family and built the table in a weekend. I painted the skirt and legs a creamy white and stained the top with both a regular stain and a gel stain. But first I beat it up a little. My goal was for the top to look a little old and worn, not too perfect. I didn't want the finish to be too uniform. I LOVE how it came out :) I put 3 coats of poly on the top to seal it, but truth be told it probably needs another coat or two.

Ignore the plastic chairs :) Benches are coming soon that will seat 4 on each side, and I picked up these chairs from a friend for $15 ea that will work great on the ends. All told it will seat 12, easy.

I'm going to try a dark brown milk paint on the chairs and benches. Then I'm going to rub some Danish Oil on them to add some depth. I can't wait to have it all done. It's so cool to have such a handy hubby :)

I think he's earned his man hammer!

PS. I got the man hammer at a really cool blog I can't find right now-hope to add a link later :)


Chance said...

The table looks fantastic! Way to go dad. I really like the way the stain on the wood turned out, and want to see how it looks with the benches and chairs. Oh, and the hammer is brilliant! That is a manly man's hammer! You earned it dad.

Anonymous said...

The table looks GREAT i love it he did a really good job it is alot like one i hope to have some day!-cyndi

Carol said...

The table looks great!!