He Cracks Me Up

Chance spends time every evening talking with the children and praying with them now that Mike is gone.

The other night he was talking to the boys about the need to "take care of ladies". He often shares about the importance of this and then gives various scenarios.

Here is a little excerpt:

C: Do we always take care of ladies?
Boys: Yes!
C: Even if we are afraid, do we still take care of ladies?
Boys: Yes!!
Eli: ...I'm afraid of some ladies, but I still take care of them.



Nicole Hearn said...

That is so cute! Jay would love it. I think he goes through frequent stages of similar trepidation regarding the female race.

DanielleW said...

Wiping the tears from my eyes! That is WAY too funny. ROFL

And what a wonderful thing to be teaching our young men!!

Anonymous said...

That's my boy!! I to am scared of some ladies, but less likely to admit it.


Tonya said...

That is too funny! Here's some more Eli humor. Eli sat down next to Rocky the other night at the dance.

Rocky: I like your vest, Eli.
Eli: Thanks. It's a cowboy vest.
R: It is?
E: Yep! I'm a cowboy.
R: You are?
E: Yep! I've been one since my last birthday.
R: You have? What were you before that?
E: A bicycle.