Air, I Have Air!

The baby dropped on Wednesday. I was sitting in the movie theater and suddenly I could fill my lungs with air! No gasping, no feeling like I just couldn't quite breathe. And instantly the incessant heartburn disappeared. It was miraculous. Then, 10 minutes later, she came up again. Goodbye oxygen, hello heartburn.

But Friday morning when I woke up she had moved down again. And so far she's staying there. When I went to the chiropractor Friday a.m. he said my pelvic area felt much different and that the baby was a lot lower and my pelvis a lot more open. She's been sunny side up to and I am hopeful that is changing as well. I felt what seemed like a spin on Thursday, and I seem to be feeling less movement right in the front. So maybe she's looking at my spine instead of my navel. That would be good. I see the midwife on Friday and she should be able to tell.

Another month or so and my sleepless nights will have some company :)

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cyndi said...

ohhh its getting close yeah!!! lets hope she has been a good girl turned