See How My Grandbaby Grows

A few weeks ago we girls were able to go down and visit with Kirstyn, Zac, and baby Cadence. It was a FREEZING cold, windy day but we decided to do some miniature golfing after lunch.

Great Grandma Suzanne was able to join us and we had a very nice, if very cold, day.

The cars were the highlight for the girls. They thought it was pretty cool getting to drive them themselves.

It was hard to get a good shot of Cadence because, as I mentioned, it was really cold. I didn't want to unbundle her. You can still tell she's beautiful though :)
We were not very talented golfers. By then end some of us were just throwing the balls. And I think we skipped the last few holes altogether. Did I mention it was cold??

All in all, a very nice day together.

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