He's A Big Boy Now

The time had come. I really couldn't postpone it any longer. Titus needed a haircut. It was long, out of control. It covered his ears. So, Eli, Titus, and I trekked down to the local barbershop. Eli went first and Ty oooed and ahhhed, laughed and pointed, giggled and stared. Then it was his turn and as I lifted him into the chair he started wailing. Inconsolable, broken-hearted cries. But, the barber had a secret weapon...CANDY. I started feeding him bits of candy and he started smiling. Not really holding still, but smiling as he drooled giant puddles of pink slobber onto the cape.

15 minutes later he had aged two years and another milestone was achieved. I think he looks pretty handsome. Don't you?

This is before


Holly said...

Very handsome! Much better :0)

cyndi said...

he sure does look cute and yes older!!