Are You Ready?

Many people are already experiencing bad times. Job loss, homelessness, despair. But I believe it's going to get worse, much worse. I just don't see any way to avoid it at this point. Everywhere I go I seem to be running into people who feel like they should be preparing. It's like this little niggle in the back of their minds telling them that this is different, that life might really be about to change. And not in a good way. But a lot of them are talking themselves out of it. This is America after all, not some 3rd World country. Surely things will be okay. Where would they store extra food anyway?

I believe this depression will be much worse than the previous one. We have gangs the likes of which were unimaginable in the 1930's. Violence, drug addiction, and the welfare mentality are epidemic in this country. We have huge numbers of people far more inclined to take what they want than save, prepare, economize, innovate, walk miles for work, and band together in cooperative communities. That means that this depression will be far more violent and dangerous.

We also have a lack of skills. In the 30's we had many more people that gardened, kept some chickens, cooked from scratch. We were less dependent on conveniences. We knew our neighbors. We saved a larger portion of our income, and if we had debt it was likely only a mortgage.

In short, it's a whole different world. And the coming days are not going to be pretty.

But this is not a post on ways we could be preparing. I am still working on that one. The main purpose of this post is to share a couple of blog posts/articles that I think may be helpful. The first one is here. Read it. Then spend some time reading the rest of the blog. Another one is here. It's quite long, but there are a lot of ideas in it. It was written by a man who lived through the economic collapse in Argentina and there may be many lessons for us in his experience.

We are not to have a spirit of fear. Difficult times are coming. And also, I believe, exciting times for the body of Christ. The church has lost her way, but I believe revival and regeneration will come as well. So pray, be wise, seek to understand the times, redeem the time. And rest in Him.

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Holly said...

I don't know what sort of access you have to TV, but if you ever have the chance to watch Glenn Beck on Fox News it is worth it. I think you would find yourself not only agreeing with him most of the time, but cheering that there is actually someone in the media talking about issues no one else is.