Archery Practice

Yesterday was the first archery lesson for the upper four. Everyone really enjoyed it, and most everyone hit the bulls-eye at least once.

The younger three had to content themselves with watching the fun and playing in the grass. Some of these were more content doing this than others.

Nothing made Annaleise happy until I put her in the Ergo and she fell asleep on my back.

Ty was initially happy playing in the grass and "fighting" with Ezra. But before long I was we were all paying the price of missing nap-time.

Ezra had a great time watching and looking forward to when he will be old enough to shoot arrows.

I'm so glad it's finally getting warm enough to be outside more. 6 weeks from now I'll probably be begging for mercy from the heat, this will be our first summer off the mountain with no a/c. But for now, I'm really thankful for the sunshine!

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