More Excitement

This post could also be titled "Man makes his plans, but God orders his steps." Chance got up early and rented the tile saw (again) to try and finish the floor tile in the kitchen and bathroom. He still had the area under the stove to to scrape though. So, after breakfast he moves out the stove and begins breaking out tile. The scraper blade was dull, so he was going to attach a new blade. But the scrapper was also a little bent, which meant the blade didn't go in easily. You know what's coming next right???

Yep. Screaming, blood spraying all over walls, counters, ceiling, floors, and little brothers. He's yelling "Mom, it's bleeding everywhere! Help me! Please!" over and over and I see blood all over the place. I couldn't even tell where he was bleeding from. I direct him to the bathroom and grab a rag. After determining that his hand is bleeding I start wrapping it without even looking at it because he seems to be in so much pain and there is sooo much blood. But he tells me "No, not my hand! My thumb!" Your thumb?? Oh.. okay. Then I take a good look at it. It is obviously a pretty deep cut, but we can all take a deep breath. It's on his thumb.

Still, with all the blood and the obvious pain, along with yesterdays drama, I decide we will load up for the emergency room and get some stitches rather than me cleaning it, comfrey soaks and all that jazz.

So, here we are, 5 hours later, all stitched up and numbed. Home. To attempt to rid every surface from the kitchen to the bathroom of blood.

The tile saw was never even plugged in and it will likely be a little while before I have my tile man again. Maybe today God just wanted my children to have some practice in sitting quietly and dying to themselves when hunger strikes :) Or maybe I just need to relax and trust that we are in His hands and it will all work out in His time, and stop stressing about how long everything is taking and how helpless I feel.

So, what's going on in your neck of the woods?

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DanielleW said...

Oh my! Life certainly never is dull at your house.

I've only had to take DS to the emergency room once and it was a huge decision. He had fallen off the arm of a couch at a friends house before we went home for the night. He kept crying but I thought it was because he was tired. But early that morning, after crying a few times in the night, I decided that something was wrong with his arm.

Yep, he had broken it! Felt like such a horrible mother for not taking him in that night. But the doctors told me that him getting a good night sleep was a pretty good thing.

He wasn't even 2 yet!!