Kind Words

Chance was blessed to attend the annual Memorial Day celebration at the home of the Scott Brown family. This is a big shing-ding. This year they even had an Apache attack helicopter land during the event.

I thought I would share with you some kind words that Mr. Brown wrote about Chance and his friends. I am pasting the contents of the post here, minus the picture, because I can't get my post to link directly with the post on Mr. Brown's blog. If you would like to read the original post, see the picture, and perhaps read a bit more about the celebration, you can read the blog here and scroll down to the right spot.

Chance has very fond memories of the time he spent with the Brown family. He said their home was full of love and their hospitality and generosity were obviously heartfelt.

Three Real Men from Vision Forum

Joshua Harris, Chance Winberry and Nathan Barnes

Over the weekend, three men came from Vision Forum to stay in our home to help us with our Memorial Day Picnic. Five things were observed by all:

1. From the moment they arrived it was obvious
that they were looking out for the interests of the Brown family and Hope
Baptist Church and seemed to care nothing of their own interests.

2. They looked for ways to lighten the loads of others.

3. They worked happily and were a constant source of indiscriminate encouragement.

4. They worked heartily, as unto the Lord.

5. They worked tirelessly.

And, when it came time to leave, they thanked us for all we had done for them, when in reality, we did nothing for them, while they did much for us.When the men of Hope Baptist reflected on the behavior of these young men, the conviction was unanimous - let's spend the next few years training our sons to be just like them!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Nicole Hearn said...

Praise the Lord!
I agree with everything Mr. Brown said; it is a true blessing and privilege to know Chance....and Chance's God.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Chance. He just amazes me with how truly kind and unselfish he is. What a wonderful young man he's become. You and Mike have done a great job.


DanielleW said...

Wow! Those are kind words.

I went and checked out the pictures too!