On Painting and Passing Out

I got a whole room done today! My friend Tonya came to my rescue and drove and hour and a half each way to help me paint. She was such a blessing. We painted the dining room, which means that all of the sunshine yellow in the house has been banished. It has been replace by two hues of mellow green. The aforementioned Frosted Kiwi (also known as white) and Italiante Villa, which we call pale green. It's amazing how much changing the color changes the whole mood of the room. It really is much more relaxing in there now. Tomorrow I'll put everything back where it goes and try to get a picture or two. I should have taken some "before" shots! I don't seem to be very good at getting before shots.

We had a bit of excitement with Sierra today too. Hailey came tearing into the house screaming that Sierra had passed out. Seems she tried to grab onto Hailey as she took off on the zip line and she fell off onto the ground. On her head. And promptly lost consciousness.

Now, Sierra is my, um, dramatic child. As a toddler she lost consciousness and turned deep shades of purplish/blue with a fair amount of regularity. But it has been a few years. Still, you never know if it is a Huge and Horrible Injury, or if she just needs a little time and space to breathe and a bit of TLC.

So, I dropped my paintbrush and went running out there in my bare feet. When I got there she was semi-conscious. Sort of moaning with unfocused eyes. Then she started crying. Sobbing that her head hurt and she couldn't move. Once I decided she was okay to move, I picked her and and carried her to the house. Picked. her. up. and. carried. her. allll the way to the HOUSE. Did I mention that I am 8 months pregnant? That she is 8 YEARS old? That I am heavy, and awkward, and out of shape? I do believe that barring some adrenaline fueled, God granted, superpower in the face of danger; that I will never carry her again :) We have a wagon for crying out loud!

Anyway, I carried her as far as the dining room table where we cuddled for a few minutes and I wiped her face with a cool cloth while Hailey laid a sheet over the couch. She landed in the mud after all, and it's not like it was a Huge and Horrible Injury. Then Tonya carried her to the couch.

It took her an hour or so to feel better. But her only lingering complaint seems to be a sore jaw. She has forever sworn off the zip line. Bad, bad, zipline that it is, and the accident certainly having nothing to do with her trying to hitch a ride on Hailey's back.

So, that was our excitement for the day. And I went back to painting, where I contemplated throwing myself off the chair so that someone would carry me to the couch and let me take a little nap :)

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DanielleW said...

Praise God she wasn't seriously hurt!! That is so scary. DS has fallen down the stair twice this summer, scaring me half to death. And he is dramatic, so sometimes you don't know if he is hurt very badly or just wailing about it excessively.

Oh, and congratulations on getting rid of the sunshine paint.