Today I worked on painting my bathroom. It goes like this: brush, brush, brush, rest, rest, rest. You get the picture, it's slow going. I got one coat on most of the bathroom and then I decided to join the kids in the pool.

I've been wanting to get in the pool for a long time. I was wondering why I hadn't when I remembered that we have been fighting the Great Algae War all summer. Well, the war seems to be won, at least temporarily. The water is clear and beckoning. So, I dug around for something I could swim in and headed on out.

I expected it to be a bit cold, but the pool, unlike me, doesn't live in air conditioning. It was as warm as bath water, even a little warmer than I would have made a bath at that particular time. It was wonderful.

To actually be able to move around unencumbered was such a treat. I felt almost normal in the pool. My belly was virtually weightless and I could walk and swim with no discomfort. I really should have done it sooner.

The kids of course thought it was great and serenaded me endlessly with "Mommy, watch this!" "Look at me!" Eli attached himself to me and announced that he never intended to let go. Then he proceeded to shower my nose with kisses.

I swam for a while and then held the side and did some kicking. Hailey told the others that I was exercising. After thinking for a minute, Eli said that I should do some "boy" exercise.

"What is "boy" exercise, Eli?"

"You jump off things, flip, run around the pool 70x, climb trees, fight with swords, play fight, jump on the trampoline, run around and through things, and jump out of airplanes."

I think I'm too tired for "boy" exercise.

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DanielleW said...

ROFL at the boy exercise. Is he one of the ones that "voted" for a boy.

My 6yo DS is very interested in boy exercise as well. He has put himself into training for the upcoming soccer season. His very first and he is exstatic!

That is great that you got to swim and felt normal. Especially with your due date so close and the weather so hot! Wonderful.

We do not do public swimming and it was such a blessing to get to swim with in a modest setting last month. I'm doing some house sitting at the end of this month and JOY, they have a pool too. I can hardly wait!!