Baby News

Well, my midwives should be here any minute to take a little look-see and see if my cervix has begun to do any...changing. I have been having lots of contractions, but we all know that doesn't necessarily mean anything. If there are no changes to my cervix that indicate my body is getting ready for labor then an herbal induction is not likely to be successful.

This isn't like going to a hospital and getting pitocin in an iv. You know you'll be leaving with a baby when you do that. But I vowed never to do that again, so we'll just have to see if we can help baby along a little with more natural methods. I wouldn't be trying to move anything along any faster under normal circumstances. Eli was 2 weeks "late" and I was okay with that. But I really do want Mike to have as much time as possible with the baby, and for my mom's early trip not to be in vain. So, hopefully this little one is ready to meet the world :)

*Update* I wrote the above yesterday but didn't post it because the midwives got here and I never got back to it. I had begun taking a couple of homeopathics on Thursday afternoon, and had begun having lots of contractions, but nothing regular. So, when they checked me and I was dilated to 4cm and 80% effaced I was pretty surprised. I don't usually dilate early. Everyone began to be hopeful that we would indeed have a baby soon.

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