Show and Tell

For Show and Tell Friday I thought I would share with you what my kids couldn't wait to share with me. I was roused from my rest by the excited shouts of children. It seems they had found a little tree frog in the pool. They had all held him and now they wanted to share their joy and show the little bugger to me. They especially wanted me to note that the inside of his back legs were yellow, and Sierra wanted to make sure that I knew he would eat aphids, which they had fed him.

I tried to take a picture for your enjoyment, but he wouldn't hold still for long and my camera seemed to want to focus on anything but him. So, tear your eyes from Hailey's perfectly focused feet and take a look at our blurry little tree frog. Who is now safely...in the trees.


bubbebobbie said...

Oh I love tree frogs!
They are my favorite things!

I am so glad they shared him with you so you could share him with us.

Because of Jesus, Bobbie


KarenW said...

"Perfectly focused feet" LOL! Thanks for sharing. Stop by my show and tell. http://www.woodward-family.com/karenwoodward/blog.html

BChsMamaof3 said...

We love frogs to : ) Just a little while ago we had one sneak into the house and got some neat photos of him that I put on my blog : ) Thanks for sharing.

Tiany said...

I have been out and about all day and I am just getting around to making my show and Tell rounds :-)

My boys love catching the tree frogs around the house, they are everywhere this time of year!!

I enjoyed your S & T!

Have a blessed weekend!


Susan said...

Very cute little frog. I'm so glad you let him go. I always felt sorry for the little frogs and snakes I used to catch (for the kids) and we enjoyed them a few days and then let "God's little creatures" go back to their homes.

DanielleW said...

Great photo catch even if he wouldn't sit still.

DS would be so jealous if I showed him. We have been trying to catch or hatch a frog or toad all spring/summer. It is not meant to be tis year. LOL