She's Married!

On August 8 we all trooped to the courthouse to celebrate Kirstyn joining her life to Zacs until death do they part. It was a busy day at the courthouse, I guess 08-08-08 was a popular wedding date.
She looked beautiful and she said she wasn't even nervous.

Here they are just after filling out their marriage license

Don't they look happy?

And this is Zac, promising to love and cherish...Outside of the courthouse was a pretty little gazebo all set up for pictures. I was surprised and pleased, and thanks to the fact that my mom has seen a lot of wedding pictures and considers herself something of an expert at posing, we got some nice shots :) Of course, the couple never knew quite where to look, so most of the nice shots were of one or the other of them...

Here they are with all of thier siblings.
Afterward we all went to Claim Jumper for an absolutely delicious lunch where I neglected to take any pictures, but where speaches were given and gifts opened and love abounded.

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Raul said...

Hi its Christy you look Buetiful Kirstyn what is your new last name?
Hope to see you soon and I wish you all the best in your new life!