Play Day Fun

On the heels of my sister's visit the girls had their first playday. A playday is a horseback riding even that is a lot less serious than your typical show or rodeo. It's a chance to practice your skills with some light-hearted competition. The girls weren't able to ride their own horses since we don't have a trailer, but their riding instructor had horses to spare.

The first order of business was to drive all over Bakersfield searching for a solid colored, western shirt in Hailey's size and makeing 2 pairs of denim culottes. We were told the dress code was quite strict, but we appeared to be the only ones who got the memo. Nonetheless, the looked lovely didn't they?

The girls participated in several events, with Hailey riding english and Sierra western, and they both did quite well. Hailey ended the day with 3 first place, 2 seconds, and 2 fifth place ribbons. She took first in walk/trot barrel, walk/trot poles, and walk/trot pleasure. First place came with a couple of nice little prizes too.

Sierra took 2 seconds, a third and 2 fourths. Her seconds were in walk/trot barrels, and walk/trot poles.

They were both so excited, they didn't expect to place at all since they are so new to riding. It was a hot day, and I would do a few things differently if I knew all that was entailed, but all-in-all a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, girls congratulations! And you looked beautiful, too! I am heading back to the store to buy that denim I looked at the other day. Thanks, Michele for the pattern info and the encouragement. (Maybe I can get all of us a pair made before Fall cow work.)

We miss you! Tonya