Other Things We've Been Doing

Eli lost his first tooth. He has been anxiously awaiting that landmark ever since Ethans teeth began fleeing his mouth in earnest when he was barely 5. But he lost it in his sleep and we never did find it.

Katherine removed the 2nd one for him, and it flew out of her hand as quickly as it flew out of his mouth, We never found that one either.

Sierra found the beginnings of a birds nest being made with a contribution from Reeces

And the girls spent many a happy hour making salt dough. I'm so glad they are at an age when they can have fun doing that kind of stuff together and I just have to take pictures :)

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DanielleW said...

Congratulations to Eli on his teeth. LOL about not being able to find them. I know that DS was very excited when he started losing his teeth. It was a big deal.