Lovely Vacation, Pt 1

Following the wedding the whole family left for a much anticipated vacation. Chance was in from TX, the newlyweds came, and my parents and brother and sister-in-law were even able to come for a bit.

We rented a house on the beach, at the "gateway to the redwoods" and had a glorious time.

I hadn't been up that way in a few years. The size of those trees is truly awesome! The day we arrived we went to the Trees of Mystery, if you ever head up that way Don't Miss It :)

Paul Bunyan and Blue welcome us as we arrive

Paul talks, and the kids couldn't believe that he knew everything the were doing

The Newlyweds

Sweet boy

So glad they could join us

Thank You God, for the wonder and majesty of your creation


Joyful Times


Such Skill With a Chainsaw

So Big

I Do


Nicole Hearn said...

Hi. This is three Hearn girls, who just viewed your blog post and wish to comment.
Nicole: Awww!
Carol: How sweet!
Emily really said, "That's not Matt!" but, on record, she wants to say: "That must be Matt." (Otherwise, she can't be reached for comment.) :)

We miss you guys! Come on down and see us sometime!

L said...

I've been there! As a child, we used to travel to N. Cal. every summer to visit my grandmother at her 80 acres we called Big Flat.

We always stopped in to see Paul Bunyan and Ol' Blue. They were so awesome and huge to me as a child!

One of my favorite places is the big redwoods. They are such an awesome testimony of God's creativity and bigness : ) They are gorgeous. I love the tree that you can drive through.

Our family (smaller version back then) was able to vacation through there one time and camp in the redwoods. It was like going home to me......

I'm so glad your family was able to get away and have some much needed R&R.

Congrats to The Newlyweds. May God bless their marriage with unity in Him and fruitfulness.

Blessings to y'all.

Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

hubers said...

It was great to talk to Mike on Labor Day. Thanks for mentioning the blob in our conversation. I seldom check out blogs and it was good to see and hear just a little of what's going on with your family. We sure do miss you not being in Texas. California is definitely blessed with your presence. God bless you ALL.

Rick H.