Doesn't it look great!?! It has been a lot of work for Mike to put down the flooring alone, but he is doing a great job. The living room/playroom is done, the entryway is done, and the dining room is almost done. Then he just has to do the family room and the wood will be complete.
I hope his poor body holds out for the next couple of weeks. He is at the chiropractor right now, and is drinking a daily herbal concoction designed to help alleviate pain and the interal swelling of his tendinitis. It helps a lot, but he really needs to rest his arm to heal it. The pain often keeps him awake at night.
Pray for him, that his pain will be manageable and his efforts will be blessed.


DanielleW said...

Your floor is GEORGEOUS!!

Praying for Mike

victorycoalition said...


I understand the feeling of hoping to "hold out".....I go home in just 20-something days, and I feel a little along those lines.

I'll pray for him.