Happy Birthday Eli!!

May 23rd was Eli's 5th birthday. Although the fact that it was his 5th birthday took some convincing. It seems that since Ethan was already 5, Eli thought he should just skip on to 6...or maybe 7!

It is my year to take the children for their birthday activity and Eli chose the zoo. He went to the zoo last year with daddy and there was never a doubt that he would do it again this year. He acted surprised that I would even ask :)
He proclaimed the animals cool, but not as cool as Roy Rogers.
This is him, reluctantly posing for me. Pictures really cramped his style.

The birds, Lori's I think, or something like that anyway, were fascinated by my keys. They were in a big enclosure and you could buy nectar to feed them. Which we didn't do. Because, while I was willing to enter for Eli's sake, I just wanted to look at them. But NO, they were on my head, in my lap, and finally obsessed with the keys. I am sitting about 8 inches from them.
This is how Eli wanted to pose.

On the Komodo Dragon.
The picture above was taken on the train that goes around the park outside of the zoo. He LOVED the train.
Below is Eli receiving his birthday blessing from daddy. I love this tradition.
All set to open presents

He received the cowboy regalia he was asking for. You may think he is dressed up like a cowboy, he just thinks he's dressed. Happy birthday Eli, we love you!

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DanielleW said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable cowboy.

LOL on having to convince him.