Abundant Blessings

I had a visit with my midwives yesterday. It was my first real appointment, the last one was really just a "meet & greet". They are very fun ladies, very exhuberant. I really like that they completely support the idea of "your birth, your way". I really love homebirth.

So anyway, I have felt the baby moving for about 8 weeks, but yesterday was the first time I got to hear the heartbeat. It sounded great, loud and strong. But the midwives thought they heard 2 different heartbeats. And I am only 24 (almost) weeks and I measured 28. "Hmmm," they said. "Twins?" Now that would be fun :) So, they pulled the trusty sonogram machine out of the closet to take a peak. Nope, just one baby. Well, that 3 minutes of the possibility of twins was exciting, but we are thrilled that God has sustained this pregnancy and there is a baby coming to greet us soon. Seems to be a big one, so they say. I knew I felt fat :)

We couldn't tell what the gender of said baby is, but we are sure it is a baby. He/she/it was lying with the head down, spine curved over the top of my belly and legs on the right side. The ankles were crossed and the hands were on the knees. It is so amazing to think of the life inside me, of a little person just hanging out and growing. It is such a miracle, such a gift that God allows us this intimate participation in creating life.


DanielleW said...

Sounds like little one was quite comfy in there. I love the discription of the post.

That would be exciting to think about, having twins!

victorycoalition said...

"This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes."