Let Them Eat Cake

The girls have been taking a cake decorating class. It's been a lot of fun and they are learning a lot.

This is the first class. I can never seem to remember my camera amidst the diaper bag, spit-up rag, cakes, frosting, baby, etc. So I have relied on the forethought of others to get a few shots.

You can buy gluten free cake mixes now, which has been a real blessing for Sierra. We are nowhere near ready to make our own gf cake, we're still trying to master biscuits :)

The second class was cupcakes, but I didn't get any pictures. They were lovely though :)

These are the cakes from the third class. We are having trouble with our frosting. We use non-hydrogenated shortening, so it is a little soft. But ours has been really soft. We're trying a new recipe next time. It's sad for them to see their hard work turning to mush before we even get home.

This one is Sierra's. Her cake cracked and she and Hailey put tons of frosting on it to fix it. See how it melted down the sides? That's after I pulled about 1/2c off of where it ran down the sides.

They choose the design themselves and I love seeing how creative they can be. I love how she added the grapes.
This one is Hailey's. Isn't it pretty? She's getting really good at the flowers. It looks like she has spring on her mind :)

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cyndi said...

cake decorating how FUN their cakes are really pretty they are doing a great job