A Belated Birthday Post

In the hubbub of life Sierra's birthday flew by without garnering a post. It is finally time to remedy that and give sweet Sierra the shout-out she deserves :)

Sierra is 11 now, and just like when each of my children completes another trip around the sun, I can hardly believe it has gone so fast.

Sierra blesses us in so many ways. She loves the Lord and seeks to do His will. She loves her siblings and is always ready to read them a story or chase them around the backyard. She is happy to help wherever she is needed, and she is sensitive, thoughtful, and smart. She's a booklover like her mother and is always on the lookout for the next thing to read.

Isn't she pretty? We all spent the day in Bako. Went to breakfast and later had ice cream at Dewars. They make their own ice cream, but still only had 1 flavor that Ty could eat, strawberry. The strawberry at Coldstone is the only flavor without cornsyrup too. Hmmm.

Then that night she and I went back to Bako for a dinner theater show of The Sound of Music. We had a really fun time and Annaleise didn't give them too much trouble at home even though the show went a lot later than we thought it would.

Yep, she got pickles for her birthday. But not just any pickles, these pickles are amazing and much prized. They are called Fickle Pickles because they literally change flavors as you chew them.

Daddy, praying God blessings on our dear daughter.

And just to make you smile, here's Ty. Being Ty. :)
We love you Sierra and so thankful that God brought you to us!


Chance said...

Sierra, you are a beautiful young lady. I am so grateful for your love for the Lord and gentle spirit. I love you tons!

Anonymous said...

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