Buckwheat for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most difficult meal of the day for me. I need something quick, or something that at least requires little actual time in the kitchen. Something nourishing, filling, hearty enough that everyone isn't asking for snacks by 9:30, not too expensive, and it can't contain wheat, corn, or eggs.

Oatmeal is an obvious choice, but certified gluten free oats are hard to find in my neck of the woods (read: I haven't found any), and, well, I really hate oatmeal. Unless of course it comes in those little packages with lots of sugar and pieces of what claims to be fruit. And I guess I like it okay when I make the little packages myself. But I don't bother very often.

To that end, this morning we had buckwheat groats for breakfast. It was super easy, and fit all of the above criteria. Everyone liked it except Ethan, who threw it up. He's a texture guy, things without crunch make him puke :) I should have added some nuts for him to chew on. Next time I think I will add crispy walnuts, a 'la Nourishing Traditions. I think I'll also try sprouting and drying the buckwheat for Kasha. That might be crunchier.

But this morning most of us have been warmed and filled and I thought I'd share.

3c buckwheat groats
9c water
a bit of salt

I toasted the buckwheat in the pot until it was golden and aromatic. Dump out the buckwheat and bring the water and salt to a boil. Add buckwheat and simmer until all the water is absorbed, about 15 min. That's it!

We topped ours with maple syrup, raw milk, sliced banana, and butter. But I think it would taste even better with some nuts, and dried fruit would work well also.

Oh, and I'm going to include our breakfast in the Pennywise Platter, so go check out the other links :)


gfe--gluten free easily said...

It's nice to meet another gluten-free person. :-) Because I also have some issues with other grains as well, I can't do buckwheat and can only do certified gluten-free oats in small amounts. So, for cereals, I tend to just take nuts and fruit and pour milk over them to make my cereal. It works well. I always loved the nut cereals anyway. BTW, your son might like some dried cranberries as his added texture, too.


Anonymous said...

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hubers said...

We eat buckwheat for breakfast some times and also quinoa is a another good grain we use. If you have wheat allergies use spelt or kamut. that's what we use because it is alot more healthier.