Ticker Time

Does my new ticker look a little girlie?? That's because the sonogram says...IT'S A GIRL! The tech says she's quite certain, so we are going to go with it. We may have a little boy in pink a few months from now, but for now, WE HAVE A GIRL!


L said...

WooooooHoooooo! Yipee!

In Him,
Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

Anonymous said...

Yea! I'm so excited for you all!

Hi, kiddos! Come by and I'll play capture the flag with you!

The kids and I processed some chickens the day before yesterday...I couldn't help but think of you.
BTW, the plucker worked pretty good - much better than by hand, but not near as good as it looks on the videos of the tub style. (Oh well, I look at it like... I still have $800 or so in my pocket. Yep, I can remove those last few feathers by hand.)