I'm Geographically Challenged

The oldest child's knack for getting lost is a long standing family joke. I like to think I'm a bit more aware of my surroundings. But maybe not. Last night I was coming home from shopping in Bakersfield with all of the children. I think that children part is important. In my defense I had a couple that were having an especially trying day. I was tired. Yea, that's it. Really, really tired :)

So anyway, I missed the spot where I was supposed to move from one freeway to another. Not inconceivable. Could happen to anyone. The thing that is really disturbing is that I didn't notice. I'm just cruising along, talking to the girls, and feeling like Bakersfield is really a lot further from us now than San Antonio was from our previous home. In fact, that's what we started talking about, how long it seemed to take to get home. Then I look at the clock and realize it's almost 7:45. Hmmm, what time did I leave Bakersfield?? Then come the fast food restaurants that I don't recognize and I take a good look around and realize I'm really in trouble.

I should have been home by 7:10 at the latest and now it is almost 8 and I am in Santa Clarita. NICE. I didn't get home until around 9:30, out of gas and out of patience. Titus spent a good part of the trip screaming, Eli sniffing, and Ezra doing various and sundry misdeads.

My husband can get anywhere he has ever been before. I can't get home from a trip I make at least twice a month :0


Chance said...

I'm sorry to hear that mom, but I can definitely picture in my mind just how it happened. It's funny.

Anonymous said...

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