More Birthday Celebration

Miss Sierra received a new sewing machine for her birthday. Hailey has one too, but she never uses it because it jams constantly. It looked like Sierra's was going to have the same trouble. She and grandma poured over the directions to no avail.

Then my dad says, "Hey, I bet you have it threaded wrong." Huh?? Threading the machine is pretty basic, isn't it? Turns out it's not. Turns out the machines can be pretty persnickity that way. If the thread feeds under instead of over, nothing works. Or over instead of under, if your machine likes it that way. Or to the left, or right... Seems like they all have a different preference. Even Hailey's machine, which purrs along quite happily now.

So, before you toss your machine out the window...Flip the spool around. It might just make all the difference. :)

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