It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

We finally got the tree up and decorated and the house looking a little more festive. The kids did most of the heavy lifting while I took pictures and picked out background music. Which was nice, because while I love looking at the decorated tree, the actual decorating...not so much.

Tree selection took all of 3 minutes. We all loved the first tree and we promptly brought it home. I love it when that happens.

Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Every year I'm surprised at how fast it got here. Chance is coming home. He'll be here for far too short a time, as always, but we can't wait to see him. It just doesn't seem right to be the people in his life that see the least of him. I hate that.

We get Kirstyn and her family on Christmas Eve. Yay! So the delimma is whether to do the full blown Christmas thing on the Eve, or just do presents with Kirstyn and Zac and wait another day for the rest. Hailey votes for Eve, but just because she can't wait. I'm leaning toward Christmas Day. I'm a purist :-)

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christywith6 said...

The tree looks so good I love christmas trees in the house and all the yummy smells and thoughtful gestures and awsome music that comes with christmas.
Prase be to God for his most magnifacent gift of all. May we neber forget.