Christmas 2010

Another year has come and gone and we're a week into the new one. We are back in the thick of things here, working from dark to dark. There is much to do in order to be able to take a break when the baby comes.

Christmas was very nice, we had all the kids together for a moment. It doesn't happen nearly often enough now that we are spread out and they are busy with their own lives. Chance did his best to win over the little girls, garnering a bit more success with Cadence than Annaleise. Anna is a tough sell. But the other kids were all thrilled to have a few brief days with him.

Cadence doesn't really like to smile for me, my camera annoys her. Or maybe it's my incessant attempts to get her to look at me.

The big ones. I'm about done with that brown wall...

Time with big brother always includes lots of wrestling. The bigger boys loved being tossed around like this, Ty - not so much. He was not amused and told Chance never to do that again :-)

Army clothes that fit, JOY!

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Anonymous said...

It was so good to be home again! I miss everyone tons and had such a great time. Thanks for posting pictures mom.

I love you!