Spinach Breakfast Casserole

I made this for breakfast this morning and since it was delicious I thought I would share. I got to use my cute little Christmas ramekins too :)

Saute a leek and a few crushed cloves of garlic in a few generous tablespoons of butter. The real stuff, not oil. I sliced some really yummy thick sliced turkey lunchmeat from Costco and threw it in too. It would be good with crumbled bacon, or Italian sausage too. Add about 4c of spinach, I shredded it, and cook it until it's wilted. About 5 min. Put everything into 5 greased 1c ramekins and crack an egg on the top of each one. Place them all in a 325 degree oven for about 15 min. Then remove and sprinkle with a little parmesan. So good!

I was supposed to leave the egg off of Ty's, but I forgot. So he had a banana and a smoothie :)

I also made yogurt in the dehydrator last night and it came out great. I made it the night before but it was still much like milk when I took it out, although the flavor was good. I think I just didn't leave it in quite long enough. But this morning the yogurt was thick and creamy, very much like store-bought. Yay!

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Jon said...

Whats a dehydrator?