ObamaCare-A Done Deal??

Who the heck is Scott Brown? That's the question Kathleen Parker answers in her Washington Post article. What he is, is a true threat to the blue state status quo and ObamaCare. He actually seems to have a fighting chance of winning Ted Kennedy's vacated seat in Mass. If he wins, he should be seated before congress votes on a unified bill, and the Dems won't have the votes to push it through. What an amazing irony that would be! Imagine Ted Kennedy's old seat costing the Dems Obamacare!! Perhaps that would finally get through to Obama and congress that the people Do Not Want this bill. Or....not.

"Paul Kirk, currently serving as interim Senator in Massachusetts, has declared that Brown, if he should be elected, will be delayed from any voting in Washington for as long as possible. Masssachusett’s Soros-funded Secretary of State, the corrupt William Galvin, has promised to do everything he can to stall the certification of Republican Brown “so that Democrats can pass the healthcare bill”.
If there was any question that congress has no interest in the will of the people (there was no question, right??), this seals it. They plan to get their way through any means necessary. Like good little Alinsky followers, they believe the ends justify the means. The only question to ask is, will it work. That alone is the basis for action. The....Audacity.

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