In Which I Whine. And Demand.

I need a web master. My blog is a mess. Video spilling over into the sidebar, sidebar stuff climbing into the middle. I never did figure out how to add my Delicious links. Ugh. But alas, no money to hire a web master, no time to become one. So, a messy blog it is. At least for now. If anyone has webmaster advice for dummies, I am all ears. And thumbs.

And while you're looking at the mess, sign up for Swagbucks. It's the giant square spilling over from the sidebar. I love it so, and if I had a bigger readership I'd love it even more. You earn "bucks" just for doing searches you would normally do, and you can redeem those bucks for prizes. My favorite are the Amazon gift cards. It really works, I've been collecting gift cards :) So, sign up already!

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