We awoke to snow this morning. Lot's of snow. Well, lot's of snow for us anyway. Mike couldn't get to work this morning, and took a nasty spill on his rear trying to get back up to the house. You know, after he abandoned the car at the bottom of the hill.

We had heard this was a possibility, so we took care of all the essentials. We.... Well, let's see. We.... Hmmm. Let's just say we like to learn our lessons the hard way around here :) We didn't buy a snow shovel. We are almost out of water. And the horses will likely be out of hay tonight. We do have hot chocolate though, so we probably won't notice.

About the water. I mean, there is water. It's just that it comes from the well instead of that fancy filter contraption in front of the Savemart. Ewww.

But hay, that's gonna be tricky.

Of course, it's only supposed to snow until Wednesday. And then the temp. should rise to 34 degrees and I'm sure it will all melt quickly away on this lovely southern slope :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there! It seems like forever since you guys left...miss you! Snow is indeed fun...but I'm sure messy when you have little ones out in it. I got to enjoy some snow this past weekend in Michigan! Having a snowball fight was a blast...rolling around...freezing cold by the time it was all over.

Take care!

Ashley said...

Hello everyone!

I feel for you! but it sure was pretty seeing the snow on the familiar Teh. Mountains on my return to CA. I do miss the mountains in Tx. I hope you all are doing well, and enjoy the snow while it lasts. It doesn't always last for long.:)

Ashley S.

Chance said...

You mean, we'll actually have a white Christmas? Wow! I hope ya'll can get to town before long. I'll see you soon!